Professional Chef


Planning, shopping, preparing, and cooking healthy food is not always easy - it can be time consuming, laborious, and can require special skills and knowledge.

 Luckily, You came to the right place, I am all about it and found true inner peace while facilitating others to reach their highest potential in life.

Organic Beetroots

Rest assured that when we work together, you will only be eating the highest quality, nutritionally appropriate, and mindfully prepared foods. I'm passionate about sourcing and cooking or uncooking (raw food) with local, seasonal plant-based ingredients to create meals from scratch. I have partnered with the best farms from the Quintana Too to bring to your table the "cream de la cream" , at each meal.



  • Balanced and vibrant meals created with your needs in mind

  • ​6+ years of nutrition training and professional chef experience​

  • Emphasis on high-quality local and seasonal ingredients, inspired by global flavors​

Vegetables and Herbs
Healthy Meal


  • All-inclusive: menu planning, grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning 

  • Custom menu to meet your palate and dietary needs ​​

  • Peace of mind knowing your food was prepared with ultimate care​


1. Initial Consultation

We will determine the tastes and nutrition preferences of you/your family, any dietary requirements and/or food allergies. We will also discuss the right amount of meals for you and your family and packaging requirements.


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3. Meal Preparation

We schedule a Start date and time.

Option 1: Meals are delivered Daily or bi weekly.

Option 2: meals are made at your own home. After shopping for your ingredients, I arrive at your house with everything I need to prepare your menu. I will properly prepare, package, label, and store according to our agreed protocol. The cooking and cleaning process typically lasts 5 hours. All I need from you is a clean and clear counter space, storage containers, room in the fridge and freezer, and use of the stove and sink. 

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Wooden Kitchen Utensils

2. Menu Planning

I prepare an individualized menu based on your requests. There is plenty of room for customization to ensure your preferences are met. 

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4. Cleanup

All dishes are washed, the floor is swept, and the kitchen is left as clean and spotless as I found it upon arrival. You won't even know I was there, other than the aroma of freshly prepared meals, and a fridge full of food!

5. Payment

I work on a Chef Fee + Groceries basis. This means I charge a flat fee for the service you desire (# of meals), and groceries are separate. In some cases, there may be additional charges for specialty recipes or diet research. Other personalized arrangements may be accommodated , cash and wire are  accepted. I can take PayPal as well, but there is a fee.


* We do commit to a minimum of 2 weeks meal prep.

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6. Pets & People

Clients typically leave me a key or passcode and I work while they are away.  I am "in the zone" during cooking and so working alone is essential for my attention in preparing your menu.

As for pets, I LOVE animals and I don't mind their presence at all, as long as it's not a safety issue. 

I look forward to facilitating you!



Meet Dahiana Green aka your Green Carbon Queen


Greetings and Welcome !

 I am a passionate and curious person who has been called to explore the roles that food plays in our lives. From investigating the food system, to learning about the power of my own diet, it is an understatement to say that food has been a catalyst in my personal evolution. 

This hunger for knowledge and enthusiasm for cooking has also led to many enriching and unforgettable experiences around the globe, exploring cultural traditions, culinary practices, and ancient wisdom. I've taken cooking lessons all over the world, discovered countless new ingredients in markets, and immersed myself in the study of food and healing traditions. 

My approach to cooking is rooted in simplicity and inspired by nature and life cycles. 

I intuitively meet clients' needs to support their unique, personal path to health.

I believe that eating home cooked meals made from real, whole, unprocessed foods is one of the most impactful ways anyone can improve their health and overall well being. It is truly my honor and joy to share this wisdom and support the health and lives of my clients. 


When I am not in the kitchen, I am usually found outdoors and enjoying life , bending and evolving in my yoga practice, trying new things and opening my mind to the world we live in.


  • Diploma in Gastronomy, Nutrition & Food Trends , Cordon
    Bleu, Paris (2016)
    Diploma in Raw Culinary Art, Sunfired Institute,
    Panama (2021)

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) from the Endeavor College  of  Natural  Health , Australia 2013 ​

  • ​​Certified Nutritional Therapist from Endeavor College  of  Natural  Health , Australia 2013 

The perks of hiring a personal chef...

No Cooking, No Cleaning

Your meal planning, groceries, cooking, and cleaning are all taken care of for you! This not only frees up your time, it can bring a sense of peace

Friends Eating Dinner
Cutting Lime

Nutritious, Delicious, + Convenient

​It's not often you get all three! With my meal services, you'll have easy access to home cooked meals made with love.

Made by a Health Nerd


My background in holistic nutrition helps me to create health-promoting meals, that fit your unique needs AND taste amazing!

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Here’s what I offer…

I am available for hire as a private plant-based retreat chef for courses, retreats or events.

Currently based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, happy to travel anywhere in the Americas  (not currently taking bookings for international events because of travel restrictions, but all can be discussed) .

A typical menu

The menu often changes, since I am a recipe developer and I’m always thrilled to share my latest culinary delights.  I can also usually tailor make a plan to suit your requirements. 

A sample menu is set once our initial consultation is made.


Top-quality, whole-food, organic ingredients

I always embrace the best ingredients I can find in the locality. Fresh, organic and whole ingredients are important to me and used where possible.



Everything I create is made using totally plant-based ingredients.


My catering is naturally gluten-free. However, if your group isn’t requiring exclusively gluten-free food, I can add spelt, rye or even organic wheat bread to the table (on request).


Free from refined sugar

I don’t use conventional refined sugar. Instead, I sweeten with healthful ingredients such as dates, dried fruit, natural syrup (e.g. brown rice syrup, maple syrup) or coconut sugar.

Nutritious & delicious

Every morsel is nutritious & healthy. I also like to create a balance of the different food groups with exciting flavors, different textures and a variety colors to tantalize the taste buds.

Made with love

It means a lot to me to come from a place of presence and love when creating cuisine… a secret ingredient that is a must in every meal!

Want all raw vegan food? I can do that too if you want

No problem at all. I am happy to cater for exclusively raw-food vegan retreats by request. In fact, my first passion for creating conscious food began during a time earlier in my journey, where I ate a completely raw food diet. I just love the vibrancy of it! Generally, however, I offer a fine medley of both cooked and raw foods on the menu.



Group size

I tend to work with groups of between 10 & 40 guests. Please do ask if you want to discuss larger groups (which may require me to bring a trusty assistant or team) or equally for smaller groups or private hire as I can sometimes accommodate.


Please ask for my price structure. Let me know how many guests, the duration and the location of your proposed retreat (or if you are feeling it out, just give me a rough guide). I work it out based on

  1. the guest numbers 

  2. duration of retreat 

  3. my own basic travel requirements if traveling to other parts of the Americas.

So if enquiring please give me these details.

Anything else?


Please feel free to ask me anything else about hiring me as your plant-based retreat chef. I’d love to hear from you!