The Full Story


The 4 Elements Method is a combination of the tools and techniques I have

personally uncovered, experienced & embodied over time.

Each experience is a curated blend practices.

In the understanding that we are spirit having a human experience,

it is then natural that we feed our spirit first which will enhance our mind to feed

our body accordingly.

In this context,

all level of energy available to us are considered nutrients:

- Breath,

- Movements and flow ,

- Sun Regeneration,

- Material nutrition.

The 4 elements represents the harmonious balance needed to be integrated for

overall proper nutrition to be of maximum benefits.

The Method is an opportunity to tap into and turn up your power as a human by

understanding your energetic anatomy.

A journey of self-initiation. To discover and expand your unique fingerprint.

Because the world needs more human using their quantum (super) powers.


It goes as follow: 





Juice Bottles




In order to keep a focused mind we need the strength of our physical body.

We begin to uncover the teachings of Mother Earth and her grounding abilities.

It is a concept that encompass material nutrition (commonly called food) in its

four corners.

From nutritional diet plan, to detoxing programs , cheffing services and catering

services , the goal here is to rebuild, strengthen, and realign you with your

healthier self , how? Re accustoming you with living food, plant based, non

processed food, the original way of nourishing our temple, uncooked &

seasoned of course . Let your taste bud show you the way.

Breathing Meditation




We all have in us the ability to create or destroy, Let’s focus on getting us aligned and unstoppable.

The Breath carries the imprint of health and vitality.

Meditate gets you to reach a transcendent state of consciousness.

Your mind , body and soul is free of stress, of negative thoughts.

You are left in a state of complete concentration and bliss.

Here you are reintroduced with the number 1 source of nutrition: Breathing.

It is the least consciously practiced but yet the one we cannot live without.

Our practice is called SHU practice.

It is a blend of breathing exercices, Meditation practices and Flow.

We need to take a moment each day to breath properly and consciously.

Breathing Meditation
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse



Discover how incredibly magnetic you are by simply getting into alignment with

your desires and trusting in the power of your Radiant Body.


Here you are introduced to the ability to regenerate self through the body ( eye

and skin) with practices aligned with the element of fire (SUN ).

Alchemy awaits.

Yoga Session




Here you are introduced to a blend of movements practices, all aligned with the

element of WATER, the representation of flow and movements.


Kuningana FLOW

A blend of ancient movements practices done with an emphasis on slow

meditative movement, body geometry(alignement) and breath control.

Kuningana Flow is the expression of physical movements and postures meant to

facilitate and awaken spiritual awareness and physical flexibility. It is both a

phisosophy and practice based upon ancient system of self development.

It encompases :

- the benefit of restorative yoga

- the energizing effect of Kundalini

- the strenghtening, fexibility and health building of Ashtanga

- the alignment of lyengar and kemetic

- the internal pyschic abilities of deep meditation.



The Samba Flow Workout  is an explosive, high energy blend of Brazilian samba dance and African/Jamaican drumming and rhythm. Engaging the total body with every step, samba reggae is the perfect aerobic dance workout - a great way to shake off stress, burn calories, and wake up your senses with invigorating rhythm.

It all begins with an explanation of the basic samba reggae steps and rhythm. Next is a 10-minute warmup including a wide range of exercises to loosen and stretch your muscles, and engage your core.

Next, we head over the choreography part:

 We move in a precise and easy-to-grasp manner, keeping the workout pace fast and steady. every move with footwork and hipwork, then adds the upper body coordination, and offers ample repetition of every step and the entire sequence of combinations from the top.

The speed up the process for a higher impact class on demand.

Developed in Bahia by Brazilians of African descent, samba spread in its various forms throughout the country. 

Popularized in Salvador Bahia, Brazil by groups such as, Olodum, Ile Aiye, Ara Ketu, and Muzenza to name just a few.

Over the course of its evolution it has finally been embraced across Brazilian society.