Welcome , Matondo ,

I am Dahiana Estanise,  in this lifetime.

I am the Co-creator, alongside the Eternal Universe, of the Wellness Institute : Green Carbon Queen

I am grateful for your time and interest,

Here I open my heart and trust my journey will gives you the light needed in your own journey to a full living Lifestyle.

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My Story

GCQ is an ever evolving curation of all I have discovered and embodied,

spiritually, mentally and physically, over the last 15 years. It is my essence and

my journey turned into a compiled bundle of practices .

Spending the majority of my days before this escaping my reality, I was

disconnected and unfulfilled in almost all areas of my life.

Eventually my health began to suffer, as it tends to do when we spend a life in

contradiction and denial.

By age 20, I experienced heavy digestion issues, colon related

disease ,and was not diagnosed properly. My body was depressed as a result of

not listening to her first red flags. Doctors prescribed numerous medications,

which only made me worse than before.

I knew I had to rewrite the narrative.

I began researching, analyzing my health chart since a young age in order to

understand what was becoming of me.

I knew one thing, I couldn’t do it alone, not having all the knowledge necessary

at hand to succeed. I was also sure I didn’t want another western medicine doctor misdiagnosing me once more, I decided to help myself with the help of naturopaths and holistic healers.

I totally changed my diet, began being vegan, started practicing yoga and

meditation to align my body with my mind and soul.

The journey guided me to (re)discover the depth and beauty of Woman - her

innate wisdom, strength and intelligence.

I AM the girl (turned woman) who sees the world through the lens of Inner

beauty and total joy.

Who believes that everyone can access their inner power, glow, beauty,

elegance and prosperity - should they choose so, WILL POWER is an undefeated

tool when applied correctly.

I, now,  design my days in the way that makes me thrive. Constantly learning new

things about self and the gift we call life.

I adore being around anyone and anything that makes me feel alive.

Currently gliding through life spiritually and physically, contributing to people’s

health life along the way in the ways I know I can.

But most importantly, I'm devoted to sharing all I've discovered with other hueman who wish to walk beside me.

It all starts with a willingness to rise, it all starts with love to self

What about you? what makes you wake up every rising and motivate you to be your better self? what drives you to take care of yourself?  what are your healthy routines? share it with us here, we would love to hear from you.

I look forward to journeying with you soon.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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